Hire Learning: The HirePower Resume and Cover Letter

Is your job search taking longer than you anticipated? It may have nothing to do with your skillset and everything to do with your resume. Employers look at a resume for an average of six seconds. If your most significant skills aren’t front and center, it could cost you the job. Bring HirePower your current resume and we can work with you to create exactly what employers are looking for. Don’t have a resume at all? Tell us your skills and previous work experience and we’ll work together to create the perfect resume for you.

An important thing to consider are the possibilities for the look of your resume depending on the field you are interested in. There are sort of unspoken rules of etiquette when it comes to a resume. For example, when interviewing for a more creative position you have the option of creating a more graphic resume with visual interest. When interviewing for a corporate position a very clean-cut resume is best. We can help you make that distinction and create the perfect resume for your field of interest and the specific employer you’re applying with.

Along with a clean resume, you need a well-written cover letter. This is the step that a lot of people struggle most with. It’s hard to determine what is worth mentioning and what isn’t. Working with HirePower, we can look over your list of skills and experiences and help you determine what is worth elaborating on in your cover letter and what is better left unsaid. Highlighting specific jobs and experiences in your cover letter can help you stand out among other applicants.

It’s important to remember that your resume and cover letter need to be tailored to each specific job you apply for. Some skills are applicable to certain jobs while others are not. Working with us will help you learn when to include what so that you’re sure to put your best foot forward for each interview.

Whether you need resume or cover letter help, we have years of experience to help you stand out and wow your potential employer.

Thanks for following along with our Hire Learning series detailing each of the advantages of working with a recruiter, specifically HirePower. Contact us today to get started!