Hire Learning: Decoding Job Descriptions with HirePower

Let’s be honest, half of the job descriptions you read when job searching are convoluted, wordy and ultimately don’t tell you what you’ll be doing in that role. That’s where HirePower comes in. We know inside information to help you decide which jobs you actually want to apply for, tailor your resume to those jobs, and nail your interviews.

Sifting through one job description after another can be monotonous. Eventually they all start to run together. Granted, it is difficult to include every duty of a job, but working with us you will learn as much as possible before applying. Employers are going to detail the most interesting, exciting and specialized aspects of the job so people want to come work for them. We talk directly with companies to learn all of the ins and outs of a job so we can assure they are receiving the best candidates. That means we are able to offer you the best job to fit your skills and interests.

Another great perk of working with HirePower is that we have personal relationships with hiring managers and companies – we know what they really want. Say a job description requires a master’s degree, but you have a set of skills that are equally impressive. We can work behind the scenes with the company to help you land the job. Or say you find a job you want to apply for, but the company really wants to hire internally. We can work with them to set up an interview anyway or discover other options.

At HirePower we are dedicated to your success. Tell us exactly what you want to do and what skills you have. We will work with you to find the job of your dreams!

Stay tuned to our Hire Learning series as we continue to dive deeper into each of the advantages of working with a recruiter, specifically HirePower, in our next few blog posts.